5 Main Reasons to Choose Proven Services for Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin is a promising investment tool that allows you to make good money with skillful handling. But due to the narrow area of its ​​use, the income received in most cases has to be transferred to a more practical payment instrument. And the earnings themselves are also associated with the frequent conduct of transactions for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at how to sell and buy assets with maximum speed, profit, and safety. Let’s consider the example of exchanging digital coins for another type of money.


Cooperation with exchangers

Most of the users planning to sell BTC use the services of electronic exchanges, even though there are other ways to conduct transactions, for example, through exchanges, p2p transactions, use of Telegram bots. The popularity of exchange services is not accidental. It is due to many advantages of cooperation:

  • the ability to exchange currency at any time;
  • availability of exchange of cryptocurrencies for any payment instrument of interest: other types of coins, electronic, fiat money;
  • numerous offers, allowing you to choose the most favorable conditions;
  • no mandatory need to go through verification — not all exchange services require it;
  • ease of exchange — the user does not need to study complex instructions, install any software.

Additional benefits:

  • the efficiency of transactions — after sending the application and coins to the account of the exchange, an equivalent amount can be received within 10-15 minutes;
  • the ability to get an equivalent in cash, if necessary.

As you can see, working with exchanges is really convenient. 


The level of reliability of exchange services

Of course, among the exchanges operating on the Web, there are many fraudulent projects that, after receiving funds from a client, simply do not send them an equivalent in another currency. But such services can be circumvented by careful monitoring. It is better to use the services of the portal, whose employees have already done everything for you, and have repeatedly checked the proposed exchange services, confirming their honesty.


Exchange selection criteria

To select an exchange service for concluding a deal, it is necessary to compare sites by the following parameters:

  • The bitcoin rate is the defining criterion. The profit of the deal depends on it. And this indicator can be fundamentally different;
  • the ability to make an exchange operation in the direction of interest. The list of final currency options may differ fundamentally;
  • reserve of the currency of interest. It should be enough to carry out the conversion in one transaction;
  • the necessity for verification — if this moment is important for you;
  • customer reviews about individual sites;
  • method of concluding a deal — manual or semi-automatic.

Taking into account the above criteria, looking through all the presented bitcoin exchanges, you will be able to make the right choice.